InTelli-Tick (Quiz in Game Format)

Addictive to play InTelli-Tick actually leads to learning as playing repeatedly aiming for win makes learning fun. Both academic score and play for row wins to score game points give a distinct feature. Instinct to WIN attracts the child to learn while playing. Different versions or types: 1) Individual game 2) for large audience in a hall or for TV shows. The present version in the net is for individual play.

How to Play?

It's a different Quiz - a different game. Choose the right answer for the Question from one of the five columns with a pointing arrow and highlighted by the same colour of the border around the question box. You will have to click one of the four answers. The question has a unique answer as the other answers are for different questions. Keep watching the count of clicked rows on the right hand side.

Row Claims:

When the count of two adjacent rows ticked are 4 each, click the claim button for the corresponding claim rows like 12 or 23 or 34 or 45. Likewise when count of three adjacent rows ticked are 4 each, Claim for 123 or 234 or 345. Since the row clicks are evaluated only by row wise, even the interchanged clicks are valid for the claims. The possible points are 4, 2 and zero.

Academic Points:

Unlike the Row Claims, here the evaluation is one to one. The Points are 4, 2, 1 and zero for the scores 15, 14, 13 and less than 13.

The combined points give the total points earned for each play. While the first Play is free, the second and third play uses 1 and 2 points. The Net Points earned for a Game with 3 plays will be Row Points + Academic Points - Points used.

Each Player is identified by his/her Registered Mobile Number (RMN). Each Game will be identified by a Unique Number which will have a maximum of 3 chances or plays. After the first play one can change the coupon number (which will have different answer positions), retaining the same shuffling (Question Order) for the second play. For the third play, retaining the same coupon as above and change the shuffling. All the points earned for all the plays are added, less the points used for playing will be taken as the final points obtained for the game.

One has to accumulate 100 points to claim for a gift at the designated place, to be announced after the official launch.

The next Game will be with a Different Question Bank, Coupon and Shuffling uploaded after a fortnight or so.

InTelli-Tick Team will be preparing the question bank. However, a set of four questions and answer are invited from the players as per the format given below. In one of the five columns in the coupon will contain the participants’ contents.

You can send in Questions and Answers in sets of 4 as per the given format to include in the Questions Banks for InTelli-Tick.

Questions may be on any subject/topic and the corresponding correct answers should be provided. The answers are unique to each question. However the set of answers should appear as multiple choices arranged in one column of the InTelli-Tick answer coupon. Answers should be short in one or two words as per the sample given below. Though the names of the cities are specific answers for the questions, together they appear as a multiple choice.


Which city did Mahishasura the demon, killed by Durga lend its name? Mysore
Which princely State refused to join the Indian Union? Hyderabad
Which city was captured from the British by local ruler Siraj-ud-Daula in 1756? Kolkata
In 1857 there was a major rebellion against the British. It began in which city? Meerut

The Questions may be portions from School to College, Arts, Technical, Logical, Maths, Language, Grammar, history, geography, G. K. and so on.

InTelli-Tick is a Knowledge game, interactive learning and fun. Initially, a few Trial Games are given to get a feel of the regular games to be uploaded after the launch.

A Trial Game is available for practice. For the same Question/Answer set you may change one of the three shuffling and/or change one of the six coupon numbers for different trials.

Read the ‘About Game’ and ‘Game Rules’ at the home page before proceeding.