- Quiz in game format (Single User version)


Welcome to this novel game of InTelli -Tick. It's game cum quiz - an infotainment!!

  1. You will be playing the game individually by choosing any coupon number from 1 to 1000.


  1. You may play with a different coupon without shuffling or play with the same coupon number with a different shuffling.


  1. Changed coupon will have the answers in different order, whereas Shuffling will give a different sub set of 15 / 20 Questions and changed order.


  1. There are 5 topics for which the questions will appear on your screen. The questions will include clue objects like images, videos, sound clippings or graphs.


  1. You may choose one of the question banks available from the list to play.


  1. The coupon will contain 20 answers for all the possible 20 questions.

  2. Each coupon has 25 cells as 5 Columns x 5 Rows out of which only 20 cells will be filled with answers at the rate of 4 answers per row. Occasionally one column may contain 2 topics.


  1. In each game maximum 15 questions only will be displayed. Each cell after ticking or clicking will change to Green Colour and cannot be changed after selection.


  1. The border colour of the clue image for a question displayed on the screen will be the same as the column colour on the answer coupon shown to guide you. A pointing arrow will show appropriate to the Answer column for the Question displayed.


  1. One can claim for a WIN when


a.   2 Adjacent rows are completed like Rows 1 & 2 or Rows 2 & 3 or Rows 3 & 4 or Rows 4 & 5 and when


b.  3 Adjacent rows are completed like Rows 1 2 & 3 or Rows 2 3 & 4 or Rows 3 4 & 5


  1. You have to claim for a WIN. A 3rd wrong claim will eliminate the coupon. However, you may continue with the game without an opportunity to make any further claims.


  1. The game will stop at the 15th count. At the end of the game, you may check the Academic Score even when there are no winning claims or wrong claims made in the game.


  1. The status report will show your past performances including the academic score for each game with details like Coupon No, Count No, Claim Rows and Result.


About the Life Lines:

For the Row Claims, the responses for the questions are not evaluated one to one in this game. Only on row wise they are checked based on the player's claims. For example, in the third column if one had ticked in 2nd Row instead of in the 3rd Row in an earlier count and after few counts later ticked the choice in 3rd Row instead of 2nd but before any winning claim is made for the' '23' rows, the coupon holder may still claim for a win, though the correct answer choices were ticked not at the appropriate instants. It should be noted that, had he made a claim before the compensating error was rectified, the claim would have been wrong.


Academic Score:

Academic score gives the value evaluating your response comparing one to one with the correct answer.


Unique Feature:

The unique feature of this game is that a player may win a "Row Claim", while his/her academic score shown with a lesser value which may be the actual score. On the contrary, the player may be scoring 100% in academic score and yet, the possibility of Row Claims might not have occurred for that particular coupon.