Points Awarded for InTelli-Tick (Single User version)


Game Points

Adjancent 2 Rows - Pts. - 2

Adjancent 3 Rows - Pts. - 4


Bonus Points

Academic Score 15/15 - Pts. - 4

Academic Score 14/15 - Pts. - 2

Academic Score 13/15 - Pts. - 1

12/15 and lower - Pts - 0.


Points Used for playing


1st Coupon  - 0 Pt. (Any Coupon No. between 1 & 1000) without Shuffling.

2nd Coupon - 2 Pts (A Different Coupon No. without Shuffling)

3rd Coupon - 3 Pts (Same Coupon No. as above with Fresh Shuffling)


Only 3 chances are given for a set of play.


Changing the Coupon No. changes the order of the answers on the coupon, whereas shuffling alters the order of the questions appearing on the screen with a different sub set of 15 /20. The result table may be flushed periodically.


The first play can be chosen with any coupon number from 1 to 1000. The existing shuffling may be used. Zero [0] Point is used for this first play(Free).


The second play should be with a different coupon number keeping the same shuffling. One [1] Point is used to play for the second time.


The third play can be with the same coupon number, but a fresh shuffling should be done. Two Points [2] are used to play the third time.


The final score will be the net accumulation of all the points earned and spent for all the three plays as below:


(Total Points = Game Points + Bonus Points - Used Points for the play) and the Final Score is the SUM of all the 3 games played for the set.


No negative points are given for Wrong Claims. However, the third wrong claim will eliminate the coupon. The game may be continued but points are not awarded.


The aim of the game is to accumulate maximum points for the set. By repeating the play, even if you are not winning the row claims, you may get the maximum bonus points.

If you like to continue with the next set of 3 plays and with the same Question Bank, change the Set Id. If you are satisfied with one or two games, you may choose a different Question Bank with a new Set Id.